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The Council Chambers Webmaster's Thoughts
Wednesday, 9 June 2004
It's been a while. . .
Since I have written anything here. Oh well, guess now is as good a time as any. Thanks to all of you have read here and elsewhere on the site. Thanks to everyone who voted in the last poll. You three know who you are. New poll is up and will stay up until the end of June. New poll every month, I promise.

What else is going on? Not much. Pared down all the non-used stuff off the site. Hit counters, learn to read them and you will know what works and what doesn't.

New look to the wrestling zone. I promise I will be caught up with the actual booking soon. In the meantime, I have at least posted what the match results will be. I have booked those all the way to the end of July. Our old friend The Cynical Critic assures me he will take over at that point for Nitro and Thunder (if you have been following what I have been posting, then you know what is going on with them. If not, look it up and you will catch on quickly.) Hopefully he is ready to go in time to take over. He assures me that he has a blog up here as well. Still haven't seen it, so I will take his word for it.

Let me know what you do like, and what you don't and I will keep trying to make it nice and neat for you. E-mail me at to let me know, ask questions, or whatever.


Posted by councilchambers at 2:18 PM CDT
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Tuesday, 11 May 2004
When things get busy. . .
I don't get back to entering information into the blog as often as I would like. But that is what happens when things get busy. I think everything is working correctly on the site now in terms of links. I am working on adjusting all the images to show correctly, but that is time consuming. As most know I do all of the site by hand coding, excepting the blog. I did use some templates to get myself started and some of the pages are built based on those templates, but it was all hand coded from there. CHECK IT OUT: World Hero Federation has returned to the Council Chambers site, and you can read everything up to the epic World Hero Federation 3: Aftermath. I am working on the final section of the story, but am finding it hard to finish as I know what I want to accomplish with it, but not how to get there. CHECK IT OUT 2: The Fantasy Wrestling Booking is going along pretty smoothly now. So I think it's time to shake it up. One month more is all you get the way it is. Then, it's gonna be a wild ride. And there is a second writer coming in with the July booking cycle. Look forward to that. FANTASY SPORTS: I am keeping an eye out for signup timing for the Points To Self Football for this year. I will let all interested parties know once I have it. I'll even note it here so that everyone can get in on the act that I can accomodate. FANTASY SPORTS 2: Arena Football will enter the playoffs in a little over a week and I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get it off the ground. Great season guys. MORE FANTASY SPORTS JUNK: Be sure to check out all the fantasy sports centers for the newly formatted standings and scoreboards. So much still to do. Gotta run~!

Posted by councilchambers at 1:15 PM CDT
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Tuesday, 20 April 2004
Random Thoughts:
Just a quick random thought. NFL Fantasy football coming soon. Check out the Arena Football league as it is getting very competitive. And the NFL regular season schedule is up, and the draft is this weekend. Check it all out.

Posted by councilchambers at 1:38 PM CDT
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Random Thoughts:
Just some very random thoughts today. What does the future hold for the Council Chambers website? Well, it holds something that we hold dear: Fantasy football. And not just the Arena football game either. (Which I do reccomend you check out, it is turning into a very close league) NFL Fantasy Football! The season schedule is out, and the draft is this weekend. Looking forward, that means that NFL Fantasy football is available soon through our site, and it should be a real wild year for football. Oh, and we will update the poll soon. Promise!

Posted by councilchambers at 1:36 PM CDT
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Monday, 12 April 2004
The beat goes on. . .
Oh, and the wife and I will be looking at a bunch of home improvement stuff at Home Depot tomorrow. Man am I glad that RAW is tonight and I never miss that. We will finally get some rest. Not sure how much with the kids. . . But some is better than none.

Posted by councilchambers at 1:25 PM CDT
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Turn, turn, turn. . .
And I thought moving was tiring. I am all done with moving. Completely unpacked and cleaned up. And my wife and I decided to host an open house. We were never much on traditional type affairs. So forget the housewarming, we are having an open house. Make it so everyone can see the new baby too. Why not? 12:45 AM Saturday morning: sleep finally arrives after cleaning for the open house; 8:45 AM Saturday morning: Wake up and finish cleaning house and cook and run errands; 10:30 PM Saturday night: Send everyone home as following day is Easter; 7:30 AM Sunday morning: Kids are up. It must be a Holiday; 10 AM Sunday: Meet my parents for breakfast at resteraunt, try to quell tired children; 12:30 PM Sunday: Race from resteraunt because of running late to go cook Easter dinner; 7:30 PM Sunday: Go to brother-in-law's apartment for tour and general visit; 10:30 PM Sunday night: Arrive home, drink champagne to celebrate anniversary. Go to bed; 11:30 PM Sunday: Play video games with child due to promise from Friday; 1 AM Monday Morning: Finally get to sleep.

Why did we ever think of doing this?

Posted by councilchambers at 1:10 PM CDT
Updated: Monday, 12 April 2004 1:18 PM CDT
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Monday, 5 April 2004
And the move goes on. . .
Well, the house is moved. But not unpacked. And the website is moved. But not unpacked. And I am moved to write in the blog yet again about the annoyance that is moving. Will it never end? Oh well. Things are going much smoother and the unpacking is going quite smoothly as well. Both at home and in reference to the website. We are planning an open house (for those of you who know me and are close enough to get to my place, come on by) for this Saturday. I am planning on trying to have a running version of the site (obviously the computer won't be online the whole time) available for everyone to stop and take a look at. But that will be determined by how much time I have to work on doing that after getting the house ready. Until next time....

Posted by councilchambers at 3:16 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 24 March 2004
Fantasy Sports Thoughts
I love fantasy sports. The fun of the games, the fun of following my players. And then the fun of making fun of those who spend way too much on it. I have leagues available for play all year round that I run. You can join by sending me an e-mail to be added to the invitation lists. And follow the league's season on my website (see link at right). So much fun to play. So much work to track and take care of. I love fantasy sports. I hate the work.

Posted by councilchambers at 9:31 AM CST
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Monday, 15 March 2004
Moving is such a difficult thing to do
Okay, so to add to my stupidity, I bought a house. This means not only am I moving the website, but my own home too. And then to top it off, my wife had a baby recently and is now on light and limited weight restrictions. This means that I am a very busy bee indeed. So I may not post to the blog very often, but will try to keep up on everything else on lunches and what-not until I can get everything taken care of and settled down. The website has been transferred in it's majority and is functioning where it most needs to be at this point. I am going to try to get the Fantasy Basketball tournament set up for everyone to follow. Congratulations to the Hoopster Llamas, regular season champions in the first season. Keep an eye open because the signups will be posted for every season as it becomes available.

Posted by councilchambers at 9:37 AM CST
Updated: Monday, 15 March 2004 9:53 AM CST
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Friday, 27 February 2004
Moving Day
I hate moving. I hate everything about it. I hate packing. I hate unpacking. I really do hate it. But the worst thing about moving is when you try to move your website. It involves so much re-coding of the actual html on each page. It is more than annoying, it is downright ludicrous. But that doesn't stop us from trying to do something good. So a little move to Tripod soon will be coming. The shorter web address is very much worth the hassle. For those who do not know, Council Chambers has been in operation for approximately 6 years as a private site known only by word of mouth. You can still see it here. But soon we will become a Tripod family member. Soon enough. And then you will all have to re-bookmark your favorites list to get there!

And then you will have moved too.

Posted by councilchambers at 3:25 PM CST
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