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World Hero Federation Center
World Hero Federation

World Hero Federation
by Scott Keith

World Hero Federation 2: A New Begining
by Michael Scaggs

World Hero Federation 3: Aftermath
by Michael Scaggs

Special Preview:
World Hero Federation 4: Armageddon
by Michael Scaggs

Coming March 2004:
World Hero Federation - Heromania

The Story of a Few Wrestlers Gone Superhero

World Hero Federation

It seemed like a harmless post at first that was just a cute read. Boy was I wrong!

The 'cute post' was part of a series of posts. And it was all one giant story. And I was hooked.

So I contacted the Author and asked if he intended to continue the story. He didn't. I then asked if I could post the entirety of his work in one spot. He agreed and even allowed me the second request that I asked. . .

"May I continue the story?" Now it's here. Council Chambers is the only home for the World Hero Federation story. And I will be posting more to it as I finish the various parts. Each part of the story has been divided up into two pages for your enjoyment. And they do link to the next part of the story for continuous reading. Thanks for your interest, and please feel free to provide feedback to either Scott Keith or Michael Scaggs by clicking on thier name.