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W W E RAW 3-15-04
Still shots of Wrestlemania XX and some commentary from the show followed by the Opening Montage for RAW.
The Hurricane def Matt Hardy V1 via Pinfall (Eye of the Hurricane)
After the opening match, Chris Benoit comes out and clears the ring of both competitors.  He then grabs the microphone and demands that Shawn Michaels come to the ring.  He claims that if it hadn't been for Shawn Michaels, that he would have won the World Heavyweight Championship.  HBK comes out and tells Benoit that if it hadn't been for him, then Michaels would have been able to take care of a ten year old problem at Wrestlemania, the way it should have been.  The two come to blows which is broken up by Eric Bischoff's music.  Bischoff shows up on the Titan Tron and says that there is someone who has a right to a match for the belt first, Triple H.  But as he is in a giving mood, he will give Benoit a chance to earn his shot back.  When he takes on Triple H in the main event tonight!
Trish Stratus def Lita via Pinfall (Stratusfaction)
Following the match Trish demands a match with the WWE Women's champion Victoria.  But instead she gets a video from Chris Jericho in a rehab center working out.  Basic message is that he can't live without her and wants her to know exactly how he feels.  Trish looks very perplexed as she has just gotten a match for the Women's title at the same time as when Jericho wants her to meet with him.
We return with a short recap of just before the commercial.  After which Evolution's music starts and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring still carrying the Intercontinental Title.  He starts talking about how great ti was to defeat Mick Foley to retain the title at Wrestlemania, but doesn't see why he should have to defend it again the following night.  Eventually he gets to the point that it's okay with him, because it's just Test.  And he really poses no threat.  Then Stone Cold Steve Austin's music hits.  The Rattlesnake comes out and informs Randy Orton that Test will no longer be his opponent tonight as Eric Bischoff has made a trade with Paul Heyman, the Smack Down! General Manager.  Instead he will face, Edge!
Edge def Randy Orton via Pinfall (Edge-ucator) for the Intercontinental Championship
Following the match, Eric Bischoff comes out to make an announcement.  But he is interrupted by Vince McMahon, who says that he has his own announcement to make.  The two argue back and forth until Stone Cold comes out to mediate the arguement.  He tells both of them to whisper what their announcements are to him and the person who has the better one will get to go last to make their announcement, allowing hte other to build to the bigger one.  Both men agree and Stone Cold gets on the microphone and comments that both have very good announcements, but he has to go with Vince's as being better.  So he allows Bischoff to announce that the next match will be a Steel Cage match between Batista and Goldberg who has signed an exclusive contract with RAW for the next three years.
Mr. McMahon then announces that this is all fine and dandy that Goldberg has signed on for three years, but his announcement will make that pale in comparison.  Vince then goes on to say that during the Monday Night Wars, the best shows came about as he fought both Bischoff and Heyman for superiority.  With that in mind, he realized that the current brand extension of RAW and Smack Down! needs to have a little more spice thrown in it.  And so with that in mind, he has decided that HeAt and Velocity will no longer exist as they will now make way for a third brand - NITRO!  To be headed up by Shane McMahon as the General Manager!
Goldberg def Batista via Pinfall (Jackhammer)
Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are seen in the back discussing what this means for RAW and Smack Down!  Paul Heyman is on the phone and asks what this will do to the shows as far as the talent is concerned as they are all under contract to the brands specifically.  Vince Notes that Shane will not be signing any talent for Nitro to any exclusive contracts, and that the exclusive statement in all RAW and Smack Down! contracts are not applicable for anyone who competes on Nitro.  In fact, he kind of envisioned Nitro as a place where the Raw and Smack Down! talent could compete against one another in a series of matches each week all leading to a final match just before the main card at King Of The Ring to determine who would be the number one Contenders for both the U S Title and the Intercontinental Title.  But he still had some details to work out and would know more before Backlash came around and he would make the final announcements of how things would work at that time.
Chris Benoit def Triple H via Submission (Crippler Crossface)
After the match Shawn Michaels appears on the stage and taunts Chris Benoit.  As Benoit gets ready to leave the ring, Booker T attacks both him and Triple H.  Shawn Michaels laughs and taunts the down Benoit and Triple H, as Rob Van Dam flattens him with a Van Daminator.