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W W E RAW 3-22-04
Recap of the main event from last week.  Opening montage.  JR and the King are your hosts.
Booker T & Rob Van Dam def The Dudley Boyz via Pinfall (Five Star Frog Splash)
To retain the World Tag Team Championship
Booker T gets on the mic to explain the actions of both himself and RVD from last week, saying that When it comes down to it, Benoit, HBK, and Triple H are all afraid to face either one of them in a match and so they took the fight to them instead.  Benoit comes out and starts to argue about this with Booker T, noting their best of seven series from their old WCW days.  He then says he'll be glad to face either of them next week.  Shawn Michaels comes out and takes the stand that since he is the new World Heavyweight Champion, they would have to earn the right to face him in a match.  Then Triple H comes down and tells them all that he is better than all of them put together and will take them all on one by one to prove it.  As the five are arguing about the situation, Goldberg emerges from the crowd and proceeds to spear everyone in the ring.  Then Goldberg gets on the mic and says that once they get this sorted out, then he'll be waiting for whomever is next.
Matt Hardy Version 1.0 def Christian via Disqualification (One Man Con-Chair-To)
Evolution comes out to the ring after the match and calls out Edge to give a rematch to Orton immediately.  Edge comes as far as the stage and tells them that he'd be happy to give Orton a return match, at Backlash!  But if any member of Evolution so much as touches him before that, the match is off.  While Evolution is mulling it over, Johnny Spade comes out and announces that Eric Bischoff has made a match for tonight between Batista and Edge!  Evolution agrees to Edge's terms for a rematch with Orton, so long as it does not involve any matches that may occur along the way.  JR and the King then speculate on what will come about in the World Heavyweight title scene between now and Backlash, especially since the Intercontinental Title seems to be set already.
Molly Holly def Gail Kim via Pinfall (Molly-Go-Round)
Following the match, Molly does a beat down of Gail which is broken up by Lita.  But Lita's efforts are for naught as she is then beaten down as well.  Stone Cold then comes out to clear Molly out of the ring.  While the trainers and medical personnel tend to both Lita and Gail, Eric Bischoff himself comes out and orders Molly to undergo a Gauntlet match on RAW next week!  If she can survive the gauntlet, Molly will face Trish Stratus for the number one contender spot to the Women's title on RAW with the winner to face Victoria at Backlash.
Kane def Rob Conway via Pinfall (Tombstone Pile Driver)
After the match Kane stays in the ring and begins to rant on about his match with the undertaker at Wrestlemania XX was nothing like what he wanted it to be.  Suddenly the lights go out and a video airs showing the Undertaker giving Kane the Tombstone Pile Driver, from their match at Wrestlemania XX.  Then it zooms in on Kane as he sits up after wards.  When the lights come back up, the Undertaker is in the ring with Kane.  The Undertaker tells Kane that he earned the Undertaker's respect that night and that he had something for Kane.  Then the Undertaker lay down on the mat and offered to let Kane pin him cleanly right then and there.  Kane stares at the Undertaker and eventually picks him up and Choke Slams him.  Kane leaves the ring with a smile on his face, repeating "It's not over yet." over and over.
Edge def Batista via Disqualification (Interference from too many people to name)
The match ended when Booker T and Rob Van Dam came out to destroy everyone in the ring again, followed closely behind by Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.  Goldberg came down to the ring shortly after, only to be met by a waiting Triple H, coming out of the crown with a sledgehammer in hand to clear the ring.