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Smack Down! 3-25-04
Recap of the main event from last week.  Followed by a pre-taped video of Paul Heyman submitting his resignation as the General Manager of SmackDown!  Paul calls for the hiring of Shane McMahon as the new General Manager of SmackDown!  Citing that anyone who could push Vince to the limits physically, mentally, and emotionally as Shane has could easily handle running SmakcDown!  The Opening montage follows, and Michael Cole and Tazz are your hosts.  Heyman comes out to note that though he has officially resigned, he has been asked to stay on to help Shane get in the swing of things.  With that in mind, he had signed a new superstar last week and promised to deliver him tonight.  And so the first match in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament will be:  Akio v The Hurricane!
The Hurricane def Akio via Pinfall (Tropical Depression)
To advance in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament
Michael Cole notes that the only other time he has seen the move that the Hurricane calls the Tropical Depression was when "Sugar" Shane Helms used it in WCW.  Tazz notes that it is odd that The hurricane is now using it, but also notes that he had run into Gregory Helms, who had wrestled as Shane Helms earlier in the night.  Michael Cole then states that he hopes that they can get an exclusive with him later tonight when Rey Mysterio takes on Tajiri in the second Tourney match.
The Self Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team def The Basham Brothers via Pinfall
(World's Greatest Double Team) to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
After a commercial break John Cena comes to the ring to take part in his match in the US Heavyweight Number One Contender's Tournament.  He raps about how it's a shame that when he had The Big Show beat at Wrestlemania, it was a big screw job by Heyman that changed his fortunes.  But now that Heyman is officially gone, and there's a new sheriff in town. . .  It just might be time for Cena to put class back in session and teach Thuganomics to everyone who will listen.
John Cena def Rhyno via Pinfall (F-U)
To advance in the US Heavyweight Tournament
Rhyno wasted no time in going after Cena, but took a charge into the corner to recklessly and hurt his shoulder on the ring post.  Cena seized the opportunity hitting the Throwback and then the F-U for the win.  Afterwards, the Big Show came out to the ramp and told Cena, that the first match was the easy one.  The Show had rigged it so that Cena would advance, so that Show could just beat him back down again.
Rey Mysterio def Tajiri via Disqualification (Sakoda-ference)
To advance in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament
The match went back and forth for several minutes with neither man gaining the upper hand until Rey hit Tajiri with a series of counters to moves followed by his Rube Goldberg Bulldog.  Tajiri managed to pull himself up onto the second rope and as Rey went for the 619, Sakoda jumped in the ring and clotheslined Rey right over the top rope for the DQ.  During the match Gregory Helms came down to ringside and talked with Tazz and Cole about his days as "Sugar" Shane helms in WCW and noted that the Tropical Depression did indeed look almost exactly like his old finisher the Vertebreaker.  And promised that he would have a special interview with The Hurricane in the next SmackDown! magazine where he would ask all the important questions about how the Hurricane came to learn and decide to use the move.
Sean O'Haire def Rikishi via Pinfall (Sean-ton Bomb)
To advance in the US Heavyweight Title Tournament
O'Haire came down to the ring while Rikishi was still getting ready in the ring to face him and dropped Rikishi with the Widowmaker and then ascended to hit the Sean-ton Bomb and pick up the pinfall.
Eddie Guerrero def Kurt Angle via Disqualification (Angle Slam onto WWE Championship Belt)
Kurt Angle retained his Championship by cheating to keep it even though he lost the match.  Shane McMahon then came out and ordered that Angle defend his title against Guerrero in two weeks when SmackDown! airs live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago!  Angle is furious and starts chasing after Shane as SmackDown! goes off the air.