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Smack Down! 4-1-04
No recaps or pre-taped promos, just the opening montage. Michael Cole and Tazz are your hosts. Shane McMahon comes out and re-iterates that Kurt Angle WILL face Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship next week at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Kurt Angle comes out and gets in Shane's face saying that he's ready tonight and can beat Guerrero on any night. In fact, he could beat Eddie or anyone else on any given night. This brings out John Cena, who says that he's just been hanging back to see who wins the Eddie/Angle match next week, because he has aspirations for more than the US Heavyweight title in mind. In fact, he wants to face the winner of the WWE Championship match the following week when Smack Down is LIVE from The Cow Palace! Shane loves the idea and gives the match a go ahead. But has something in mind for tonight to boot. And tonight it will be Angle v Cena in a non title match.
Billy Kidman def Funaki via Pinfall (BK Bomb)
To advance in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament
During the match, Jamie Noble comes to ringside. Cole asks what he is doing down there. Noble tells Cole to mind his own business. Then Tazz notes that Noble will be facing the winner of this match in the second round of the tournament! After the match is over Noble jumps in the ring and leaves Kidman laying behind him with a Tiger Driver! We then cut to the back where we find Kurt Angle talking to the Big Show about John Cena. Show says that to take Cena out, Angle should go after the knee and then he should be able to get an Angle Lock on him. Eddie Guerrero comes out from behind the door that Show was standing near and starts to take off down towards Shane McMahon's office. Cole wonders what Eddie might be up to as we cut to the first commercial break.
Bradshaw def Chuck Palumbo via Pinfall (Clothes Line From Hell)
To advance in the US Heavywieght Title Tournament
Shane McMahon comes down to the ring to let everyone know that he will not be putting up with any difficulties from any of the Smack Down! superstars. And if there is anyone who has something they want to air, his office door is always open. But he has heard that there is someone who refuses to approach him about wanting a match with someone. So he calls the Undertaker down to the ring! Shane starts by saying that he hopes that the Undertaker doesn't think that he will be able to do whatever he wants. In fact, Shane is the one in charge and that is how it will be. The Undertaker stands face to face with Shane and stares a hole in him through a commercial break. When the break is over, The Undertaker is standing face to face with Sean O'Haire! Shane says that the two cannot be in the same arena unless they both win their tournament matches to face one another in the US Title tournament. The two remained in the ring for several seconds and stared holes into one another.
Then we cut to the back to find Eddie Guerrero sitting in Shane's office waiting for him. Josh Matthews asks him what he is doing there and Eddie says that he has something on hismind and wants to discuss it with Shane. From there we cut back out to the ring where the next match is about to get underway.
Rey Mysterio & The Hurricane def Jamie Noble & Chavo Guerrero via Pinfall (Hurricane Tropical Depression on Noble)
During the match, there was some miscomunication between Rey and The Hurricane that they were able to overcome. End came when Noble missed a charge on The Hurricane, who used a drop toe hold to set up Rey for the 619 followed by the Tropical Depression. After the Mathc The Hurricane and Rey offered each other some respect and stared at each other while both claiming that they would win the Cruiserweight Tournament. Tazz noted that we could very well be seeing the eventual champion in the match and Cole alluded to the difficult roads that they would all face, as The Hurricane would face Chavo if they both won their matches next week. Tazz added that if Jamie Noble beat Kidman next week he would then face Rey Mysterio!
Shannon Moore def Sakoda via Disqualification (Tajiri and Akio-ference)
To advance in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament
Shannon Moore was the recipient of a major beatdown from all three men until The ultimo Dragon and Billy Kidman came to his aid. Shane McMahon came on the Smack Down! Big screen and announced that next week it would be The Ultimo Dragon and Kidman to face Akio, Sakoda, and Tajiri in a handicap tag match.
Billy Gunn def Johnny Stamboli via Pinfall (Fame-Asser)
To advance in the US Heavyweight Title Tournament
Stamboli dominated most of the match until he missed a corner charge and Billy Gunn hit the Fame-Asser to end the match. The A-Train then came down to the ring and administered a beating on both Gunn and Stamboli. Cole announced that Gunn would be facing the A-Train in the second round on April 15th!
Commercial break inserted here.
Shane McMahon came out to the announce table to join Cole and Tazz and announced that the main event had been changed and it would be Eddie Guerrero and John Cena to face The Big Show and Kurt Angle.
Eddie Guerrero & John Cena def Kurt Angle & The Big Show via Pinfall (F-U on Angle by Cena)
Eddie and Cena took control early in a match that was very back and forth. The ending came when Eddie was brawling with Show on the outside and Cena hit the F-U on Angle. Eddie came back in holding the US Title that he had just clobbered the Big Show with and Cena promptly grabbed the WWE Championship and both stood over Kurt Angle as Smack Down! came to a close.