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Smack Down! 4-15-04
Recap of Eddie Guerrero's WWE Championship win from last week.

Opening Montage (Now Shane-O-Mac-Rific)

YOUR Hosts for tonight's festivities: Michael Cole and Tazz.
A-Train def Billy Gunn via Pinfall (Derailer) to advance in the US Title Contender's Tournament
Michael Cole and Tazz spend much of this match referring back to last week when Paul Heyman was seen in Shane McMahon's office and wondering if Kurt Angle had signed on with Heyman or if he had even been tallking with Heyman.

The match itself is rather ugly and the term 'clash of styles' is not enough to cover it up. A-Train continually fights to get Billy Gunn up for the Derailer, but is unable to until he makes Billy miss on the Fame-Asser.
Raw Rebound: Booker T getting traded to Smack Down! and Vince McMahon's taped announcement for Backlash are reviewed.
Shane McMahon is in the backstage area. He runs into Matt Morgan who is stretching. Shane tells him that he doesn't need to worry about stretching anymore as he is now a part of the RAW roster. Matt tells Shane that it's all fine by him. He still has some personal issues to settle with Batista from the past and is looking forward to getting the opportunity to do so.
The FBI (Stamboli/Palumbo var) def The Basham Brothers via Pinfall (Palumbo Mafia Kick to Danny Basham) to earn shot at WWE Tag Team Titles
The FBI win when Palumbo hits a Mafia kick on Danny Basham. The FBI earns a shot at the Tag Champs for the Smack Down! on May 6th. Immediately following the match, the Swelf Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team come down and beat on The FBI. The Bashams make the save and then start beating on the FBI as well. Eventually everything breaks down and the three teams melee out of the ring and into the back where it is broken up by the Undertaker walking through the middle of the melee.
Chavo Guerrero def Shannon Moore via Pinfall (Tornado DDT) to advance in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament
Chavo wins through the usual method. Daddy cheats to distract an opponent for him. And Chavo, Sr. did just that to the best of his abilities. Meanwhile backstage, Bradshaw is talking with Shane McMahon about how he is doing so much better now that he doesn't have to carry Farooq. So well that he thinks of changing his image. Paul Bearer comes in to answer a summons from Shane. Shane informs him that the match will have everyone banned from ringside. Paul leaves with a cryptic message for Bradshaw - The man from the Dark Side commands loyalty in his Acolytes, lest they fall from his good graces. . .
The Undertaker def Bradshaw via Pinfall (Last Ride) to advance in the US Title Contender's Tournament
Paul Bearer comes out at the end of the match and tells Bradshaw that the Dead Man has risen and his Acolytes will pay dearly for their betrayl.
Brock Lesnar is in the ring when we return from commercial. He is begging for a match with Eddie Guerrero, but has been refuted every single time he has asked for one. Brock wishes that Eddie could see that he just wants a chance to challenge for what he has given his whole life over to. But if he won't do that, then Brock will take it out on the next person that comes down to the ring. Shane McMahon appears on the Titan Tron and tells Brock that if he really want's a fight, then he has one tonight. Against the only man who is as much a monster as Brock is. . .RHYNO!
Brock Lesnar def Rhyno via Pinfall (F-5)
Rhyno hits the Gore three seperate times on Brock only to have Brock be too close to the ropes every time. A fourth attempt in the corner proves fruitless and Rhyno turns around in pain right into the F-5.

Cole and Tazz run down next week's tournament matches as the show ends.