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W W E RAW 4-19-04
Video recap of the announcement of the draft lottery for NITRO

Opening Montage (With NITRO Lottery Graphics)

YOUR hosts: JR and 'The King.'
Vince McMahon comes out with Paul Heyman in tow and tells him to go right ahead and make his first pick for the NITRO draft lottery. Heyman walks over to the bin and selects a ball. He opens it to find that he has drafted Steven Richards to be a part of NITRO. JR wonders who all is in the bin.
Christian def Randy Orton via Disqualification (Triple H Interference)
Christian wins when Triple H comes down and destroys him with the sledgehammer. Orton looks to be a bit upset as he could have gotten himself back into the Intercontinental Title hunt by winning the match. Triple h then goes on to note how he did not lose the triple threat at Wrestlemania, was denied his chance to get into the title match at Backlash by the now World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit. And proceeds to demand a match with Benoit tonight for the title.
Victoria/Lita/Trish Stratus def Gail Kim/Molly Holly/Jazz (Stratusfaction on Gail Kim)
Lots of great wrestling in the six woman tag match, with everyone hitting a big move on one another until Trish finally hit the Stratusfaction for the pin. Paul Heyman comes back out and says that he doesn't want to wait to see who else he gets, and selects a second ball. He then gloats on how he has selected a superstar who just needs to be given his shot to make it and he'll be a huge star. He's selected Matt Hardy v1!
Goldberg def Shawn Michaels via Pinfall (Jackhammer) to become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship
Goldberg doesn't get started very well in the match and eventually takes Sweet Chin Music. But he gets back up before Michaels has even realized that he connected. Spear, Jackhammer, and Goldberg has beaten yet another on his way to try and regain the World Heavyweight Championship. Paul Heyman comes out yet again and selects another ball. This time he is overjoyed to have broken up one of the premier tag teams on RAW by having selected Rene Dupree!
Evolution (Flair/Batista var) def La Resistance (Conway/Dupree var) via Pinfall (DAVEbomb to Dupree) to retain the World Tag Team Titles
Dupree comes out and says, that he at least wants a chance to give La Resistance the tag titles back before he has to leave. But Evolution has a different approach in mind as Batista hits the DAVEbomb on Dupree to end the match. Heyman then comes out to make his fourth pick in the draft lottery and he seems to be worried that he won't be able to handle this pick. But he picked them, so he'll take The Dudley Boyz with him over to NITRO!
Smack Down! Rebound: Recap of the US Championship #1 Contender Tournament
Return from commercials to find Heyman selecting his final superstar. This time he has chosen an old friend, and a great champion...Rob Van Dam!
Chris Benoit def Triple H via Submission (Crippler Crossface) to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
Benoit wins despite a ton of intereference by all of Evolution. Benoit dumped Batista and Flair to the outside while Triple H tried to direct traffic. Then Orton went to try and hit the RKO on Benoit and got shoed right into Triple H, knocking him down and out cold. Benoit then dumps Orton and locks in the Crossface in the center of the ring for the submission. Heyman comes out to offer his best wishes for Benoit and brings all of his draft picks with him. The show ends with JR and The King asking who Heyman might yet sign to work on NITRO.