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Smack Down! 4-22-04
Recap of the NITRO Lottery Announcement from Backlash, followed by a shot of the drum onstage under the Smack Down! Titan Tron. Cole and Tazz ask 'Who will be drafted from Smack Down! tonight?'

Opening Montage (with 'Lottery Edition' ending graphic)

YOUR Hosts for tonight's festivities: Michael Cole and Tazz.
The Hurricane def Chavo Guerrero via Pinfall (Eye of the hurricane) to advance to the Cruiserweight Championship Match
The Hurricane wins his way into the Cruiserweight Championship match when he catches Chavo coming off the turnbuckle with a dropkick to the stomach. This sets up the Eye of the Hurricane for the pinfall. Paul Heyman then comes out to the stage an dmakes his first pick from the giant drum. He then gloats as he has picked one of the top tag teams from the Smack Down! roster, The Basham Brothers!
Raw Rebound: All the Lottery Picks from Raw.
Kurt Angle walks into the locker room in the back to welcome Booker T to Smack Down! Booker takes offense at it, and openly calls Smack Down! the minorleagues. But alson notes that at least he's not gonna be part of 'Heyman's circus' on NITRO. Kurt Angle takes offense to Booker calling Smack Down! the minors, and says as much. The two degenerate into an arguement. Cut to Cole and Tazz who are waiting for Heyman to make his second pick of the draft. Heyman selects a ball and reveals that he has broken up the current Tag Champions! Because he has selected Shelton Benjamin to join NITRO!
Sean O'Haire def Charlie Haas via Pinfall (Widow Maker) to advance in the US Chmpionship #1 Contender's Tournament
O'Haire wins his match in the tournament to get the opportunity to face the winner of the next match, next week for a shot at the #1 contender's spot. After the match, Heyman comes out to make his third pick in the draft. Sean O'Haire approaches Heyman and tells him that he has no intention of leaving Smack Down! And if he is drawn, then Heyman had better trade him to wherever the Undertaker is, as he wants to be done with it. Then he goes down to watch the next match at ringside. Heyman draws, finally, and picks...A-Train!
The Undertaker def Rikishi via Pinfall (Tombstone Piledriver)
The Undertaker manhandled Rikishi through the entire match. Paul Bearer repeatedly taunted Sean O'Haire at ringside, until finally O'Haire decided that he'd had enough and proceeded to give Bearer the Widow Maker. This brought Taker out after pinning Rikishi to pound away. The two worked their way to the back and continued to pound each other until both could hardly stand. Finally Shane McMahon stepped in between the two and told them that they would get the chance to finish this in a Hell in a Cell match next week on Smack Down! with the winner challenging for the #1 Contender spot the following week. That seemed to quell the giants for the time being.
Rey Mysterio def Jamie Noble via Pinfall (Drop The Dime) to advance to the Cruiserweight Championship Match
The Hurricane was shown watching the match on a monitor in the back. He was then approached by Shane Helms (Mild-Mannered Reporter) and asked who he would like to face next week for the title. (Very funny bit, great production work)

Paul Heyman then walks by and asks who won. The Hurricane tells Heyman that Rey won and the two of them have a date with destiny next week. Two masked men challenging one another for a title that was stolen away by a slimeball who then fled the company. 'But good luck with your new endeavor NITRO.'

Heyman comes out and makes his fourth pick in the draft and selects Rhyno! Tazz notes that this could be really bad news for anyone who crossed Heyman on NITRO as Rhyno was his personal henchman when it came to the old ECW.
Return from Commercial with Heyman ready to make his final pick for NITRO. He reaches in and selects Rey Mysterio! While Rey tries to figure out what to do, Cole and Tazz note that Heyman has selected one half of the tag champions, and also picked one of the two men who could become Cruiserweight Champion. What could possibly happen next? Who else could Heyman get?
Kurt Angle def Booker T via Pinfall (Angle Slam)
Back and forth match where neither man really gets the upper hand. Kurt eventually manages to avoid a high crescent kick and take advantage hitting the Angle Slam. Afterwards, Kurt runs down Booker T saying that he can't even win in the 'minor leagues' and that he is glad that he's leaving. While Cole and Tazz wonder what he means, Heyman comes out to the ring and Kurt announces that he is the first man to sign with Heyman to be part of NITRO! The show ends with Cole wondering who else will be leaving Smack Down!