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Smack Down! 4-29-04
Recap of the picks in the lottery and the announced signing of Kurt Angle.

Opening Montage

YOUR Hosts: Michael Cole and Tazz.
Charlie Haas def Rikishi via Submission (Haas of Pain)
Charlie Haas makes the cardinal mistake early trying to scoop slam Rikishi. After that Rikishi is firmly in control of the match, but Haas is able to recover and gets a reversal of an Irish Whip and hits a HUGE clothesline. Russian Legsweep takes the big man down. Elbow drop from the middle turnbuckle. Charlie Haas is directly channeling Bret Hart in this match. And finally he locks in the Haas of Pain (How??) for the submission. Afterwards, he is met in the back by Shane who notes that what he just did was very methodical. Haas, not missing a beat, tells Shane that from now on he wants to be known as the New Hitman.

Rey Mysterio and the Hurricane are with Funaki who asks in his broken english how they feel about facing one another. Both say that they are excited, although Rey is wondering if he would still be the champ as he is off to Nitro after tonight.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Brock Lesnar bets Shane McMahon that he can beat three cruiserweights at once. Shane thinks that he is out of his mind. Brock says that he's serious. Shane says that he will believe it when he sees it.
Raw Rebound: Edge and Benoit winning Tag Team Gold.
Booker T gets into John Cena's face. Booker T runs down Smack Down! claiming that he is a bigger star than anyone on Smack Down! Booker reiterates his assertion that Smack Down! is the minor leagues. And that Nitro will be nothing more than a three ring circus. Cena takes exception to this and gets after Booker T, telling him that you DON't call Cena 'minor league.' Nor should you take guys like the Undertaker, or Bradshaw lightly. Even if Cena could hand them both their rears nightly. Cena then tells Booker T that his attitude and talent level is what is minor league.
Sean O'Haire def The Undertaker to advance to the US Title #1 Contender Finals
Sean O'haire and the undertaker can't keep the match in the ring for the first five minutes, preferring to go outside and use everything they can find to beat each other with. Severl chokeslams and Widowmakers later, the two find their way into the ring and both are barely able to keep control. But O'Haire hits one last Widowmaker on Taker, who was attempting to walk the ropes, and that is the difference maker.

Shannon Moore, Billy Kidman, and Ultimo Dragon are discussing something off to the side in the back when Brock Lesnar walks by. Kidman jumps up and says that he and the others have been thinking about what Brock said. And they would love to take him up on that bet. In fact, they want to do it tonight. Shane McMahon overhears this as he is walking by, and says that it's on. Mostly cause he would love to see this.
Shannon Moore, Billy Kidman, and Ultimo Dragon def Brock Lesnar via Disqualification (Happy Fun Brock - Pole Beater)
Shane calls Brock on his bet and has him leave the arena. Brock telss Shane that he wants to leave anyhow and that the next time you see him, it will be on the football field.

Cole and Tazz wonder what he's talking about. But not for long as John Cena comes down to the ring.
John Cena def A-Train via Pinfall (F-U) to advance to the US Title #1 Contender Finals
The Big Show comes out with A-Train and stays over in his corner to make sure that there will not be a repeat of Cena's last match. Cena waits for a few and allows Train to beat on him. When Train gets Cena up for the Derailer, Cena slides out of it and hits a dropkick to the leg. Big Time Clothesline, Throwback, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Pump the Shoes, and F-U! Cena wins another one handily and gets in the Big Show's face. Then leaves while Show fumes.

Back from commercials, Cole and Tazz show us what the Big Show did after watching A-Train fail to stop Cena from advancing. Show leaves A-Train a bloody mess in the ring.
Return from commercial with Mysterio and Hurricane both talking to Funaki about the upcoming match. Tazz warns us that if we have never seen a match between the top two cruiserweights in the world, then we are in for a treat.
The Hurricane def Rey Mysterio via Pinfall (Tropical Depression) to become the Cruiserweight Champion
I'm not even gonna try. Let's just say that if you see the number of two counts that there was in this match, you have just watched nearly a months worth of shows every single day of that month! The Hurricane wins, but not without a huge fight from the departing Rey Mysterio. Cole and Tazz list off all the wrestlers picked in lottery that are leaving.