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Smack Down! 5-13-04
Recap of Cena's win.

Opening Montage

YOUR Hosts for tonight's festivities: Michael Cole and Tazz.
Ultimo Dragon & The Hurricane def Shannon Moore & Billy Kidman via Pinfall (Dragon Asai DDT on Kidman)
Rundown of remaining card for evening.
NITRO Nugget: ReCrap 5-8-04 NITRO, preview 5-12-04 NITRO
Build to transitional and main event. Entrance of next match.
Spike Dudley def The Big Show via Disqualification (Lawn Dart Practice)
Was title match, but DQ retains title.
Sean O'Haire def Charlie Haas via Pinfall (Widowmaker)
O'Haire calls out Cena for a rematch. No rematch, but promise of title shot when Cena wins.
Rico def Hardcore Holly via Countout (Super Gay Kiss of Doom)
See Charlie Haas v Rico from actual Smackdown 4-15-04.
RAW Rebound: ReCrap 5-10-04 RAW
Hard shill for main event, one competitor entrance, cut to commercials to end shill.
Eddie Guerrero & Mystery Partner def Booker T & John 'Bradshaw' Layfield via Disqualification (JBL/Booker Fun with Chairs)
Shill Cruiserweight Title and Special Main for next week. (Mystery Partner is John 'Tank' Toland)