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ECW NITRO 5-15-04
Video recap of Rey Mysterio's TV Title win. Paul Heyman's return to ECW rules. Lance Storm's last match?

Opening Montage

YOUR hosts: Jonathan Coachman (Coach), Al Snow (The Snowman), and Bill DeMott
Rene Dupree comes down watch and see who his opponent will be later this month. Dupree takes up a residence right at ringside with the Snowman, Coach, and Bill DeMott. Grandmaster Sexay comes out to the ring to a chorus of boos.
Shelton Benjamin def Grandmaster Sexay via Pinfall (Money Maker)¹
Shelton Benjamin comes out and the crowd goes nuts. He makes his way to the ring stopping to soak up the crowd reaction along the way. He then jumps int he ring and starts the match. GMS gets several nice looking lariats to start, but Shelton reverses the last of the series to get two off a backslide. GMS is upset and goes to punch Shelton, and gets blocked and whipped into the corner face first. While he is trying to gather himself in the corner, Shelton hits the Money Maker¹ combo to score the pinfall. Rene Dupree jumps into the ring and lays Shelton out with the French Phenom Slam and leaves.
Smack Down! Low Down
Eddie Guerrero's Mystery Partner and Spike Dudley's US Title match are featured. Rundown of known Judgement Day card:
John Cena v The Big Show for the US Championship
Charlie Haas v Sean O'Haire
Tajiri v The Hurricane for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Booker T v Eddie Guerrero for the WWE World Championship
Steven Richards def Test via Pinfall (Stevie-T)
Test dominates the match for most of the contest, until Steven Richards catches him putting his head down early following an Irish Whip and uses the opening to plant Test with the Stevie-T. Richards high tails it out of there as Scott Steiner comes into the ring after him. While Test and Steiner are calling towards Richards on the ramp, the Basham Brothers sneak into the ring and take out Steiner and Test with the Big Brushoff².
Chuck Palumbo def John Heidenreich via Pinfall (Mafia Kick)
John Heidenreich is given his big shot on NITRO! Footage is shown of him asking Heyman to sign him and give him a chance to show what he's capable of. Heyman is reluctant at first, but finally agrees. However Heidenreich has to win four of his first seven matches in order to stay a part of NITRO!

Heidenreich comes out like a man possessed trying to put Palumbo away with everything he knows to no avail. Palumbo continues to stymie Heidenreich and manages to catch him with the Mafia Kick after Heidenreich gets in the refs face. This is enough and when Heidenreich gets to the back, Heyman reminds him that he has lost one. He needs to win four of the next six to be kept on the roster.

Chavo Guerrero comes down to the ring and Bill DeMott gives us a special preview of tonight's main event, The Undertaker v Rob Van Dam. He goes into the history of both men and shows Taker pinning RVD to win the Hardcore Title on RAW for a couple of years ago.
RAW Rebound
Preview of the May 17, 2004 RAW. Rundown of entire card:
Eugene v Orlando Jordan
Rodney Mack returns to face Tyson Tomko
Molly Holly v Trish Stratus v Jazz to determine the #1 Contender for the Women's Championship
Randy Orton v Edge for the Intercontinental Championship
Rob Conway v Rosey
After the commercials and RAW Rebound Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring to defend his ECW Television Championship.
Rey Mysterio def Chavo Geurrero via Pinfall (Drop The Dime) to retain the ECW Television Title
Chavo is not in control during any point of the match. Rey dominates and finally sets Chavo up for the 619. As Rey readies the West Coast Pop, Chavo ducks and finally gets to go on the offensive, he gets two off a brainbuster. But that is all as Rey reverses an Irish Whip into a Rube Goldberg Bulldog and then Drops the Dime for the pin.

Bill DeMott goes over the Tale of the Tape for the main event and promises us that it is next! Commercials time!
Rob Van Dam def The Undertaker via Pinfall (Van Daminator/Five Star Frog Splash)
The Undertaker takes control early with a series of punches that continually drop RVD to the mat. RVD tries to fight back but gets hung up in the corner and Taker proceeds to load him up for a Tombstone Piledriver from the corner. As Taker moves to the center of the ring to land the Tombstone, RVD reverses the Tombstone into a DDT. Comercial break.
We return to find RVD laying in with kicks to the Undertaker's legs. Taker goes down and RVD hits the Rolling Thunder for two. Split-Legged Moonsault gets two. RVD is beginning to get frustrated. He lays Taker out with a step-over heel-kick. Taker is down and RVD goes up for the Five Star Frog Splash. Taker moves and takes a chair from Paul Bearer. He raises it to hit RVD and misses! RVD catches Taker as he is raising the chair again with the Van Daminator. He goes up and hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the pinfall. Show ends with RVD celebrating.
¹ The Money Maker is a Stinger Splash into a rollup out of the corner.
² The Big Brushoff is a double team move where one holds for a Russian Leg Sweep and the other comes off the ropes with a lariat.