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W W E RAW 5-17-04
Recap of Eugene's first match on RAW.

Opening Montage (Now including Eugene in wrestling gear!)

YOUR hosts: JR and 'The King.'
JR and The King run down the remaining card while Orlando Jordan comes out for the first match. King comments that Eugene is coming down for the first match shortly, and notes that it was an amazing win from Eugene last week. JR notes that Eugene may just be some sort of prodigy in the ring, better than anyone wanted to give him credit for.
Eugene def Orlando Jordan via Submission (Overdosage)¹
Eugene takes Orlando Jordan to task in the match. Every time Jordan goes for a punch, Eugene ducks down and covers up his head. OJ gets so frustrated that he lands a big forearm on Eugene's back. Eugene takes offense to this and starts pounding OJ with suplexes and other simple moves, all pulled off with the type of impact that most other wrestlers can only dream of. When he finally has Orlando Jordan worn down a bit, Eugene locks on the Overdosage to get the submission victory. The King is going nuts about how Eugene just made someone tap out! William Regal then gets on the microphone and notes that he really thinks that Eugene could compete on the same level as anyone on the Raw roster. This brings out Kane. Kane comments that Eugene is nothing more than an idiot. And his 'special' status has grated on Kane's last nerves. Kane was never given anything despite his having been ridiculed for all of his life, and for Eugene to be handed everything that he has to this point is sickening. Kane challenges Eugene to a match next week, but Regal asks Kane to give him a chance to make it clear to Eugene what he'd be getting in for. Kane tells Regal no go. But Eric Bischoff comes out and tells Kane that he cannot have a match against Eugene. Eugene is his nephew and he will not be subjected to the Monster that is Kane. Regal tells Bischoff, that it will be okay, and Eugene will be able to stand up to the monster Kane, but he wants to have a chance to really make sure that Eugene understands what is going on first. Bischoff tells both Regal and Kane that if Eugene can demonstrate that he understands next week for Bischoff, then the match will be on for two weeks from tonight, with the stipulation that Kane cannot use the Tombstone Piledriver on Eugene. Kane looks satisfied and JR and King speculate on how Regal can manage to get across how dangerous this is to Eugene as commercials take over.
Tyson Tomko def Rodney Mack via Pinfall (Bane Bomb)
Back from commercials to find Christian in the back telling Tyson Tomko that he is about to face someone who has the potential to make him lose. Tomko looks at Christian as if he is nuts and heads down to the ring. Rodney Mack's music hits and King tells JR that the Mack is Back!

Tomko is in complete charge of the entire match. Mack gets a couple of punches to start, but Tomko puts a quick stop to that. Several scathing clotheslines later and Mack finds himself up and down via a Bane Bomb for the pinfall.
Smack Down! Low Down:
Recap of the debut of John 'Tank' Toland as Eddie Guerrero's Mystery Partner. Preview of the May 20 Smack Down! matches:
John Cena & Eddie Guerrero v Booker T and Tajiri
Paul London v The Hurricane for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
The Big Show v Charlie Haas in a non-title match.
JR and the King recap the Eugene/Kane situation. Remind us that the next match will be Trish v Molly v Jazz for the #1 Contender slot, and also let us know that Cade and HBK have been ordered to defend the Tag Titles next week on Raw against Evolution!

Cut to the back to find Trish ignoring what Jericho is telling her and watching Tyson Tomko and Christian walk by after Tomko's match. Jericho is irritated and tells her that he is going to challenge the winner of tonight's Intercontinental title match for next week. Trish says that it sounds good, but she has to go. Jericho is confused, but let's her go for her match.
Trish Stratus def Molly Holly and Jazz via Pinfall (Stratusfaction on Jazz) to become the #1 Contender for the Women's Championship
Trish is laying low through the match as Molly pounds on Jazz. Trish dumps Molly and then dumps Jazz. The King comments on how revealing Trish's outfit is tonight. Jericho comes down to check on Trish after she is hammered from behind by both Jazz and Molly. As he is tending to her, she tells him to go away. Jericho is dumbfounded and starts to leave but decides to stay down at ringside. Triah dumps Molly one more time and lands the Stratusfaction on Jazz for the pinfall. After the match she notices that Jericho is still there. Upset she slaps him and walks away saying that she doesn't need him to be there all the time, and she needs to do things on her own too.
Rob Conway def Rosey via Pinfall (Crepe Drape)²
We return from commercials to find Rosey in the ring already and Conway making his way to the ring. JR and King refer back to what happened before the break as Conway is making his way to the ring. Cut to a during the break sequence where Jericho is in the back trying to track down Trish and gets laid out by Tyson Tomko when he walks into an office where Trish is pawing at Christian. Trish tells Jericho that he just don't get it. She wants to have someone who will let her do what she wants. Someone like Christian.

Back to the match where Rosey is in control. A Samoan Drop to Conway and it looks like Rosey is all set to win. Just then the Hurricane's music plays. As the crowd goes nuts thinking that the Cruiserweight Champion is returning to Raw with the title, Conway sneaks up and in an amazing feat of strength gets Rosey up and lands a Crepe Drape² for the pinfall.
NITRO Nugget:
Recap of Rey Mysterio retaining the Television Championship and The Undertaker losing to RVD. Previews of May 22 matches:
Rey Mysterio v Christopher Nowinski for the ECW Television Title
Shelton Benjamin v Matt Hardy v1
The Basham Brothers v Test and Steiner.
King and Jr let us know that Edge will defend hit Intercontinental Championship against Randy Orton next! Then commercials are shown.

Return from commercials to find Chris Jericho in the ring. He calls out Bischoff and tells him that not only does he still want the match next week against the winner of tonight's match, but he wants Christian and Tyson Tomko to be lined up for him as he has his mind set on revenge. Orton comes out and tells Jericho not to get too far ahead of himself. After all, he'll have to face Orton to get the gold first. Jericho notes that Orton doesn't even have gold now, and may not have it next week either.
Edge def Randy Orton via Pinfall (Edge-cution) to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Orton comes down to the ring to show Jericho a thing or two about winning gold, but is cut off half way down the ramp by Edge's music and Edge comes dashing out to meet Orton in the ring and the match is on. Jericho retreats to the announce booth and calls the match with King and JR. Orton and Edge go back and forth trading punches and chops, until Orton gets the upper hand and tosses Edge out of the ring. Realizing that he can't win the belt on the floor, Orton goes out and brings Edge back in. Orton sets up and prepares to deliver the RKO, but it is blocked and Edge slings Orton off the ropes and hits the spear. It's good for a two count and we go to a commercial.
Return from commercials with Edge still in charge, and JR gives us a quick recap of what happened during the break. Orton reverses a headlock into a back drop suplex and takes advantage of the change of momentum stomping on Edge to keep him down. Orton tries the RKO a second time, but Edge tosses him over the ropes when he does. Back in and Orton goes toe to toe with punches and chops being exchanged between the two again. Edge gets a cross body block out of an Irish whip and picks Orton up for the Edge-cution and that gets the three. King reminds us that Jericho will face Edge next week in a Title match and Evolution gets a shot at the Tag Titles! End Show.
¹ The Overdosage is a modified Texas Cloverleaf, where the move is lifted like an ankle lock instead of sat down on the victim's back.
² The Crepe Drape is a modified electric chair drop where the victim is dropped on the ropes to slingshot into a facebuster.