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Smack Down! 5-20-04
Video package recapping the debut of John 'Tank' Toland, and the builds to the matches at Judgement Day between Eddie and Booker, and Cena/Big Show.

Opening Montage (Now includes Tank Toland)

YOUR Hosts for tonight's festivities: Michael Cole and Tazz.
John 'Tank' Toland def Hardcore Holly via Submission (Military Stretch)¹
Hardcore Holly pounds on Toland to start the match. As Holly goes for the clothesline off an irish whip, Toland ducks and lifts Hardcore on his shoulder and delivers an overhead side suplex. Cole and Tazz comment on the raw power of Toland as he lifts Holly off the mat and applies the Military Stretch¹ to score a submission win.

Cole and Tazz run down the rest of the evening's card and let us know that the FBI v Rikishi and Scotty is next and if the FBI loses, Rikishi and Scotty get a shot at the tag titles at Judgement Day this Sunday! The Hurricane is in the back talking to Paul London. He tells London that he is glad to have the chance to face him tonight and hopes that London gives him a good match. London tells him that he plans on winning a good match and taking the Hurricane's Cruiserweight Title. Both men get into one another's face and then The Hurricane leaves. Commercial break.
NITRO Nugget:
Shelton Benjamin wins his first match on NITRO to face Rene Dupree for a shot at the ECW Championship sometime in June. Rey Mysterio retains, and RVD beats the Undertaker. Steven Richards v Rhyno added for this Saturday.
Cole and Tazz talk about the tension between London and Hurricane and how it can be cut with a knife. They comment that the tension is just as thick for Eddie Guerrero and Booker T, noting that Booker will go to any length to take Eddie out before Judgement Day. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty come out to the ring during this conversation and the FBI follow shortly after.
Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty def The FBI via Pinfall (Rumpshaker on Stamboli) to earn a shot at the Tag Team Titles at Judgement Day
Scotty 2 Hotty starts out with Nunzio. Nunzio counters Scotty's moves perfectly every time and finally tags in Johnny Stamboli after dropping Scotty with a front facebuster. Stamboli takes the initiative, but Rikishi gets the HOT TAG® goes to work, clearing the ring of the FBI. Staboli comes back in and walks into a samoan drop. Rikishi drags him over to the corner and hits the Rumpshaker for the three count, and we have another match made for Judgement Day! We go to commercials as Scotty and Rikishi make their way up the ramp celebrating.
The Hurricane def Paul London via Pinfall (Tropical Depression) to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Return from commercials to find Paul London in the ring and The Hurricane on his way to the ring. Before they can hook it up, Tajiri attacks the Hurricane from behind and leaves him in a heap on the floor. He grabs a mic and tells Paul London that it is not meant to be offensive, but he deserves the match. Paul London is upset and chases Tajiri out of the ring. In the meantime, The Hurricane has gotten up and hits Tajiri with the Eye of the Hurricane on the floor, and tells him that he'll get a match. . .At Judgement Day! He then goes into the ring and the match begins.

Paul London controls for much of the match due to the interference from before the match. The Hurricane takes advantage of a mistake by London to load him up for the Eye of The Hurricane. Paul London reverses and Hurricane reverses back into the Tropical Depression for the pinfall. He helps London up after the match and shakes his hand then leaves. Cut to the back to see Shane McMahon promising Tajiri that he will be challenging for the Title at Judgement Day!
The Big Show def Charlie Haas via Pinfall (Chokeslam)
The Big show is the first to come out. He notes that this week Cena is here and does have a match, so he'll try to be fair and have one himself. In fact, he's even going to face someone who has challenged him, but he won't put the title on the line. Charlie Haas comes out and tells Show that he can't believe that Show is reneging on his promise to put the title on the line. Show tells him that he's out of luck because he wants Cena this Sunday and if he doesn't have the Title, he doesn't get him. So Haas has to fight in a non-title match. Tazz tells us that we have to cut away from the start of the match as there is a scuffle in the back. We cut to the back to see Tajiri being beaten on by Nova. Nova yells about how the title match at Judgement Day should have been his. Paul London attempts to restrain Nova, but Nova turns on him and lays him out.

Back to the match, and we see Charlie Haas doing everything he can to try and take Show off his feet, but to no avail. Show catches Haas coming off the ropes and plants him with a chokeslam for the pin. Commercials.
RAW Rebound:
Trish turning her back on Y2J, Edge defeats Orton to retain the Intercontinental Championship, and Trish becomes the #1 Contender for the Women's Championship. Reminder that HBK Cade will defend against Evolution this coming Monday, and Y2J will face Edge for the Intercontinental Championship.
Return and Tazz wonders how on earth Tajiri will be able to compete tonight after the savage beating Nova gave him just a short time ago. Booker T comes out to the ring and tells us that Tajiri has given his word to compete in the match. Booker tells Tajiri that he doesn't have to, and save himself for his match Sunday. Cena and Eddie come out in the low rider together and get in the ring. Booker tells tham it will be two on one and he'll beat them both.
John Cena & Eddie Guerrero def Booker T and Tajiri via Pinfall (F-U to Tajiri)
As Eddie and Booker T hook up to start the match, Tajiri makes his way slowly down to the ring. Booker and Eddie go back and forth with neither gaining the advantage. They both tag out and Cena starts laying into Tajiri, who tags back out right away. Booker T comes in and gets the axe kick on Cena. He goes for the cover, but Eddie breaks it up. As the two brawl in the ring, Tajiri tags himself in and goes to pin Cena. Cena kicks out at one. Eddie and Booker brawl into the crowd and away from the ring. Cole and Tazz shout about what a match it will be this Sunday! Cena knocks Tajiri down and gets the Throwback. Five Knuckle Shuffle leads to the shoe pump. Tajiri up, and F-U finishes for the three. After the match is over Cole and Tazz run down the matches for Judgement Day:
Eddie v Booker for the WWE World Championship
Cena v Big Show for the US Championship
Tajiri v Hurricane for the Cruiserweight Championship
Rikishi & Scotty v FBI for the Tag Team Championship
Nova v Paul London, just confirmed by Shane McMahon!
¹ The Military Stretch is a modified bear hug, where the victim is placed in a front full nelson and stretched across the back of the user.
® HOT TAG is an unregistered trademark of 411 Mania, and is used with blatent disregard to rights rules.