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W W E RAW 5-24-04
Video recap of the main event from last week. Randy Orton coming close to winning the Intercontinental Title back. Eugene's win is featured.

Opening montage (Now featuring Bischoff and Johnny Nitro photo to end)

YOUR hosts: JR and 'The King.'
Eric Bischoff comes out right from the get go. But conspicuous in his absence is Johnny Nitro. Bischoff informs us that Nitro is off to attend a meeting regarding the announcement Vince McMahon plans to make at Bad Blood. He then tells us that tonight will be a wonderful night, because we will start off with a women's tag team match so that the King can rave about all the bitches. . .He means puppies.
Trish Stratus & Victoria def Molly Holly & Jazz via Pinfall (Victoria pins Molly, Greco-Roman Miscommunication Chair Shot)
Trish and Molly start out with a great chain wrestling sequence that Molly appears to get the best of, but Trish reverses it into a backslide for one. Molly is visably upset by this and tags Jazz in while she tends to her "hair." Jazz drops Trish repeatedly with stiff clotheslines, until Trish is able to tag Victoria in. Victoria dumps Jazz, but not before Moly gets a blind tag. While on the outside, Jazz goes after Trish and puts her on the ground with a chicken wing suplex. While Trish is out of it, and Molly is taking it to Victoria, Jazz gets in the ring with a chair. Molly catches Victoria coming off the ropes and holds her upright. As Jazz goes for the chairshot, Victoria ducks and Jazz waffles Molly with the chair. Victoria dumps Jazz and then rolls up Molly for the pin.
Christian def Billy Gunn via Pinfall (Unprettier)
This match was all Christian from start to finish. Christian takes control early when Billy Gunn is busy jawing with Tyson Tomko at ringside. Christian dumps Gunn and Tomko exerts his presence with an astounding clothesline that whips Billy head over heels and back over another half flip before he hits the floor. Christian rolls Billy Gunn back in and goes to work. Front face falling DDT, and a modified neckbreaker. He launches Billy Gunn off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline. From there it is elementary as he nails the Unprettier for the pinfall. Tomko is not satisfied with what Christian let him have, so he comes in the ring afterwards and lays out Billy Gunn with a pair of BaneBombs.
Smack Down! Low Down:
Booker T defeating Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship. John Cena capturing US Gold. And The Hurricane retains his Cruiserweight Title against Tajiri.
Evolution is in the back when we return from commercials. They talk about how great it's going to be when they win the tag titles back from HBK and Garrison Cade. Orton comes in and tells them that it's all fine and dandy, but until they can beat the World Heavyweight Champion, they haven't done anything. Ric Flair reminds him that he is a sixteen time World's Heavyweight Champion. Orton notes that Flair is indeed a legend. But tonight, Orton is going to beat the man of the hour and earn himself the right to challenge for the title. He then goes on to say that all legends should be forced to pass on, because it's not pretty when they hold on for too long and begin to fade away. Batista stares at Orton as he leaves.
Garrison Cade & HBK def Evolution (Flair/Batista variant) via Pinfall (Superior Elbow Drop of DOOM to Flair by Cade) to retain the World Tag Team Championship
Batista pounded on both men early. As Shawn Michaels and Cade were showing signs that they were at their weekest, Flair tells Batista that he can go on ahead to the back and Flair will finish the job. Batista looks to be uncertain if he should, but shrugs and starts to walk away. Right after he turns his back, Shawn Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music on Flair. Cade had already perched himself up on the top rope, and lowers the boom with the elbow drop. As Batista tries to get back into the ring, HBK hits him with the Sweet Chin Music as well. And Cade gets the 1-2-3 to retain the Tag Titles. The king is livid through the pinfall as he swears up and down that HBK was the legal man and Cade can't get the pin and have it be counted. JR corrects him that Cade was indeed the legal man due to a blind tag. JR runs down the history of Eugene and what he has in store for him next week with Kane. Then Commercials.

Return from commercials to find that Triple H has finally arrived at the arena. He is greeted by Randy Orton who tells him that since he wasn't here on time, Eric Bischoff gave away his match with Benoit tonight. Triple H is furious. But Randy tells him that he knows who has the match against Benoit. When Trips asks who it is, Orton says, "Me."
Edge def Y2J via Disqualification (Christian-ference) to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Edge and Jericho go toe to toe for the majority of the match with the two trading punches, kicks, and chops repeatedly. Jericho manages to get the bulldog on Edge, but misses the Lionsault. Edge gets an Edge-O-Matic, but that barely gets one. As Edge sets up Jericho for an Edge-cution, Tyson Tomko comes out to the ring. While Edge goes over to try and get rid of him, Christian jumps in the ring from out of the crowd and lays out Edge. The referee calls for the bell declaring the match a DQ on Jericho. as Jericho goes to argue the point, Christian and Tyson Tomko attack him as well. Jericho is the recpient of the Unprettier followed by a BaneBomb and another Unprettier. Edge manages to get to his feet during the second Unprettier on Jericho and spears Tomko out of the ring. He is left with Christian, and plants him with the Edge-cution and leaves the ring.
NITRO Nugget:
Rob Van Dam beats "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak. Christopher Nowinski defeats Rey Mysterio to win the TV Title under suspect circumstances. And The Basham Brothers are out on NITRO and going to another show. But what one?
Back from a commercial and The king runs down the sponsors (Truth, YJ Stinger, XBox, and Snickers - All things that can be done concurrently) And JR reminds us that we have a huge match next week when Eugene takes on Kane, and Victoria will defend her title against Trish Stratus. Randy Orton comes out to the ring and we take the last commercial break.
Randy Orton def Chris Benoit via Pinfall (Triple H Pedigree with the ref down) in a non-title match
Eric Bischoff comes out prior to the start of the match and announces that he's had a change of heart. And he is willing to give Triple H another chance to face Benoit. But it won't be for the World Heavyweight Title. Oh no, it will be a match to win a shot at the title. And only if Orton wins tonight!
Benoit doesn't look too pleased with this. But he goes right to work anyhow. Crisp suplexes and lots of chopping later, and Randy Orton decides to take a breather. Triple H comes sprinting out of the back and throws Orton back into the ring. Orton looks a bit confused, and Triple H is SCREAMING to go pin him so that eh can have his chance. Orton finally catches on and turns around, right into the scathing chops of Chris Benoit. Orton manages to get out of the way of one, and goes on the offensive. He hits the modified over the back backbreaker, and takes full control. As he attempts the RKO, Benoit pushes him off, and he bowls right over the referee. As he tries to help the ref up, Triple H sneaks in the back door and hits a Pedigree. Orton is oblivious, and picks Benoit up and lands his own RKO and gets the pinfall. JR is livid, SCREAMING about the travesty of justice we have just seen, and The King comments that it kind of reminds him about how HBK was the legal man and not the interfering Garrison Cade earlier. JR remids us that this means we will see Triple H v Chris Benoit next week in addition to the other matches already set.