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W C W Smack Down! 5-27-04
Video from Judgement Day showing John Cena beating The Big Show to win the US Championship, The Hurricane retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, and Booker T winning the WWE Championship.

Opening Montage

YOUR Hosts: Michael Cole and Tazz.
Spike Dudley & Nova def Akio & Sakoda via Pinfall (Nova-caine to Sakoda)
Match starts right after the opening montage. Akio & Sakoda are in the ring when the montage ends, and Spike Dudley is out on the ramp awaiting Nova. They jump in and get the better of Akio & Sakoda as the bell rings. Sakoda makes the comeback and dumps Spike to the outside. Nova is YOUR face in peril for the match as Akio and Sakoda tag in and out, keeping Nova in the corner. Spike is itching for the tag on the other end. Sakoda goes for a corner charge and Nova dodges him. It buys him enough time to make the tag, and Spike is a HOUSE AFIRE! He dumps Sakoda and goes after Akio. Sakoda is back in and it's BONZO GONZO with Sakoda backdropping Spike to the outside while Nova tosses Akio over the top on the other side. Sakoda turns around and walks right into the Nova-caine. Nova goes to keep Akio busy while Spike rolls in and picks up the pinfall.
NITRO Nugget:
Christopher Nowinski is the new TV Champion, and will defend his belt against Matt Hardy v1. Rene Dupree v Shelton Benjamin for the right to face the winner of the Rob Van Dam v Kurt Angle match for the ECW Championship.
Ultimo Dragon def The Hurricane via Pinfall (Asai DDT) to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Hurricane comes out holding his title high for all to see. He has defended it against everyone, and will continue to do so. Dragon comes out and takes it right to The Hurricane. Hurricane manages to snap off an enzugiri to take control of the match. He hits the Eye of the Hurricane for a two count after an exchange of several chops and punches between the two. Hurricane looks to be getting frustrated, and goes to set up for the Tropical Depression, but Dragon slides out of it and hits a stiff kick to the midsection of The Hurricane. Asai DDT!!!! And we have a NEW Cruiserweight Champion! We go to break with Dragon celebrating on the top turnbuckle with The Hurricane offering a handshake after the match.

After the break, Cole and Tazz talk about what happened during the commercial break. They show footage of The Hurricane snapping and taking out Ultimo Dragon with the Tropical Depression on the floor. EMTs are taking Ultimo Dragon to the back on a stretcher while Cole and Tazz move on to the next match.

They show a tale of the tape between John 'Bradshaw' Layfield and Booker T. Cole notes that while JBL has been a multiple tiome tag team champion, he has never really achieved singles success in the ring. Booker T has been both a multiple time WCW Tag Champ and WCW Champion. As well as having held the WCW Television and US Heavyweight titles. Tazz wonders if JBL really knows what he is in for against someone like Booker T.
Booker T def JBL via Pinfall (Book End) to retain the WWE World Championship
JBL comes down to the ring first and appears to be as confident as ever. He notes how he has worked hard to make himself into a real winner in life, and he wants to translate that over to his in ring record as well. Unlike Booker T, who is a convicted felon, he has never steered himself into trouble and just plain works hard. Booker T comes out and reminds JBL that he was convicted when he was much younger and now he is much the same as JBL. He works hard and has earned everything he has won over the years. JBL is furious about Booker T comparing himself to JBL, and goes out to get Booker T on the ramp. Booker is expecting this and takes the advantage of the high ground by pounding on JBL all the way back to ringside before JBL is able to take advantage of the ring post. JBL rolls Booker T into the ring and the bell sounds. Finally the match has actually started. JBL goes for a cover, but Booker kicks out at one. JBL runs through a series of punches and clotheslines on Booker T. Tazz tells Cole that Booker needs to be careful as JBL is obviously setting up for the 'Market Crash.' Cole asks him what that is, and Tazz tells him that it used to be called a Clothesline From Hell, but JBL is not that same person anymore and changed it to fit who he is now. Cole reminds Tazz to keep his eyes on the match as Booker has gained the upper hand thanks to a flying forearm. Booker misses the Axe Kick and as JBL goes for the Market Crash, Booker ducks under and gets the Book End for the 1-2-3.

Cole and Tazz take one more look at Booker T's successful defense of the WWE Championship, and then run down what is left on tonight's card. Hardcore v Eddie, and O'Haire/Big Show v Cena/Haas. A look back at Judgement Day and what transpired in the backstage area after their matches.
Eddie Guerrero def Hardcore Holly via Pinfall (Frog Splash)
Hardcore Holly comes out first and lets everyone know that this match has just become a Hardcore Match, because he's Hardcore Holly and these are his rules. Eddie comes out and tells Hardcore that's fine with him, because all he wants is to get a return match with Booker T. And Shane McMahon has said that he will get that match in July at Vengeance, provided he beats at least three men who all could challenge Booker T between now and then.

Match begins in the ring, but quickly goes outside of it as Hardcore Holly tries to use the ring bell on Eddie. Eddie ducks and manages to snap off a suplex before Hardcore bails again and heads for the backstage area. Eddie follows him and is taken down in the back by Holly, who hid and waited for him just behind the curtain. While Hardcore pounds on Eddie, he slams into Mordecai who takes offense to it and politely asks for an apology. Holly apologizes by punching him right int he face! Eddie has gotten back to his feet and Hardcore goes to charge after him, but is met with a clothesline by Mordecai. Mordecai beats on Holly all the way back out to the ring. Eddie comes back out to the ring looking for Hardcore Holly and sees Mordecai beating on him. Eddie pulls Mordecai off of Hardcore Holly. Mordecai slugs Eddie down and starts beating on him too! Officials finally manage to get Mordecai out of the ring. Eddie is the first to his feet and takes Hardcore down with the Triple Vertical Suplexes. From there Eddie climbs the ropes and the Frog Splash finishes the match. Afterwards, he goes off tot he back to find Mordecai.
RAW Rebound:
Edge/Y2J matchup is shown, along with Tomko and Christian's interference. Randy Orton is victorious over Benoit thanks to Triple H. HBK and Cade defend against Evolution. Next week, Triple H v Benoit, and if Triple H wins, he faces Benoit at Bad Blood for the World Heavyweight Championship. Eugene faces Kane, and the Women's Title is on the line.
Return from commercials and Tazz gives a Tale of the Tape for the upcoming tag match. Cole notes that if Big Show and O'Haire win, they have to be considered as top contenders for title matches. Seaon O'Haire's music plays and he comes to the ring. He says that John Cena is the next man whom he will teach a thing or two about the way the world works. Because O'Haire will take what he wants. Whether Cena likes it or not. Weeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll. . .It's the Big Show. . .Out next and he looks to be in a particularly foul mood. Cole and Tazz wonder how Cena and Haas can possibly handle the sleeping giant that Cena has awoken in Big Show as we go to commercials.
Sean O'Haire & The Big Show def Charlie Haas & John Cena via Pinfall (Widowmaker to Cena)
Brawl erupts as Cena and Haas come to the ring together for the match. O'Haire goes after Cena and Hass tries to keep Show occupied and off of Cena at the same time. The bell rings as O'Haire and Cena both make it into the ring. Big Show choke slams Haas through the announce table, and O'Haire reverses a clothesline attempt by Cena into the Widowmaker for the pin. Show comes in and choke slams Cena to boot, then O'Haire rolls Haas into the ring and hits the Widowmaker putting Haas down right on top of Cena. Cole and Tazz are stunned and wonder who will be doing what next week and if Cena will even make it to next week.