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ECW NITRO 5-8-04
Video recap of the battle royal war games, and Matt Hardy's TV Title win.

Opening Montage (Now with ECW logo slamming a television showing the sperstars into the NITRO logo!)

YOUR hosts: Jonathan Coachman (Coach), Al Snow (The Snowman), and Bill DeMott
Rene Dupree comes down to the ring and complains that he should have been offered a chance to wrestle for the Television Title this week as he was one of the superstars eliminated from the ECW Championship picture during the battle royals leading to the final match. But he hasn't been offered anything. So he's down to demand that he be given a match that will lead to a title shot within the month! Paul Heyman comes out to the stage and tells Dupree that he will give him a match to get into a match for the #1 Contender's slot for the ECW Championship for the Great American Bash, on June 13.
Rene Dupree def Rhyno via Pinfall (French Phenom Slam)¹
Dupree wins his way into a match for the 5-29-04 Nitro against the winner of next week's opening match between Grandmaster Sexay and Shelton Benjamin for a shot at the ECW Champion at the Great American Bash on June 13th. He does so by taking his time and methodically hammering on the back of Rhyno's neck with suplex upon suplex. Rhyno misses a Gore attempt and Dupree seizes the opportunity to land the French Phenom Slam¹ for the pinfall.

Immediately following the match, a promo airs showing an overhead view of the Mariana's Trench. A man's voice overdubbed saying that the deep is where the most vicious of creatures are bred. In the Abyss, nothing can save you from the deep.
Smack Down! Low Down
Recap of Shelton Benjamin's last Smack Down! appearance, as well as John Cena's #1 Contender's Match win. And the Hurricane defends his title. Rundown of the two known matches along with Tales of the Tape for Judgement Day:
John Cena v The Big Show for the WWE US Championship
Booker T v Eddie Guerrero for the WWE World Championship
Mark Jindrak def A-Train via Pinfall (The Mark of Excellence)²
Jindrak is a house afire as he lays into A-Train with chops galore. Train is very persistant as he goes on to hit the Train Wreck on Jindrak. But it only gets a two count. Jindrak takes control once again and finally gets into position and hits the Mark of Excellence² for the win.
Rey Mysterio def Matt Hardy v1 via Pinfall (West Coast Pop) to win the ECW Television Title
Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy, you do the math. Lots of high flying action with a tremendous amount of attention paid to the details of the combatant's various ouchies during the match. Not a single spot blown and every time you see one of the two go for a pinfall, you think that this might be over. Eventually Rey-Rey manages to get himself a free shot at Matt for a 619 and takes advantage, giving Matt the West Coast Pop for the pinfall. Chavo Guerrero comes out again! But this time he understands that he has no right to challenge Rey Mysterio to a match right now, as this was a difficult match and he is tired of being viewed as nothing more than a lowlife, cheating, scumbag. So he challenges Rey to a match next week for the Television Title! Rey accepts and tells Chavo to bring his a-game, cause nothing less will win gold. Commercials break up the party.

Return from commercials to find Scott Steiner in the ring with Test. Steiner has a microphone (OH DEAR GOD!!!) and has something to say. He tells us that there is no one who can claim to be a better tag team wrestler than he can. After all, he has won all of the various tag team titles from ECW, WCW, and the WWE at some point. Whether with his brother or someone else. And he dares anyone to prove him wrong. Commercials.
RAW Rebound
Preview of the May 10, 2004 RAW. Rundown of entire card:
Eugene makes his in-ring debut v Maven
Jacqueline v Victoria for the Women's Championship
HBK and Cade v Edge & Benoit for the World Tag Team Championship
Y2J v Christian in a steel cage
Evolution split into two teams to take on Matt Morgan & Goldberg
After the commercials and RAW Rebound are shown, we see Test taunting the audience and saying that no one has the guts to take on him and Steiner. But the Dudley Boyz come out to prove them wrong.
The Dudley Boyz def Test & Scott Steiner via Pinfall (3-D on Test)
Steiner dominates Bubba Ray to start, but Bubbas gets a tag to D-Von and then it's BONZO GONZO®! D-Von lays out Test on the outside and Steiner gets dumped by Bubba and D-Von on the other side. Test comes in and whips Bubba into the corner, but as he goes to connect with the Big Boot he gets kocked down by flying forearm by D-Von. Quick whip and a 3-D later and the Dudleyz have defeated Test and Steiner. The Dudz get on the mic then and note that while Steiner may have won a tag title belt in all those companies. . .He never won them with the same person. Whereas, the Dudleys have. And could do it again if need be.
Rob Van Dam def Lance Storm via Pinfall (Van Daminator/Five Star Frog Splash)
Lance Storm comes out to no fanfare whatsoever and announces that this will be his last professional match unless he is able to score a pinfall or submission over Rob Van Dam. It is in his contract for the match tonight. Rob Van Dam comes down and the match is underway. Lance storm takes early control as he hits a variety of moves that work on the lower back of Rob Van Dam. But Rob fights back as we clip to go to commercials.
Back form commercials, and we find that Lance Storm has stopped Rob Van Dam's comeback bid in the process doing more damage to his lower back with the Canadian Maple Leaf³. RVD makes it to the ropes and is able to pull himself up. Lance Storm goes for a back heel kick, but misses and Rob takes advantage hitting a kick to the head and upper body of Storm from almost every angle. Lance Storm is knocked out of the ring and gets frustrated and brings a chair back in with him. As the ref goes to stop him Paul Heyman comes running out shouting how these two guys are both former ECW top draws, and they will continue this match under the rules that got them to the top. ECW HARDCORE RULES! Storm brings the chair in and goes to hit Van Dam with it. He misses and RVD hits the Van Daminator! RVD climbs the ropes and lands the Five Star Frog Splash for the pinfall. Show ends with Lance Storm sitting up in the ring in shock and disbelief.
¹ The French Phenom Slam is a slingshot suplex into a front facebuster slam.
² The Mark of Excellence is a back drop suplex into a Rock Bottom.
® BONZO GONZO is an unregistered trademark of Scott Keith. And is not used with any permission. (Not that any is needed!)