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Smack Down! 6-10-04
Recap of Mordecai's first match on Smackdown.

Opening Montage

YOUR Hosts: Michael Cole and Tazz.
Sakoda def Spike Dudley via Pinfall (Samurai Suplex ¹)
Match Breakdown.
Dawn Marie def Ivory in a Bra & Panties match
Match Breakdown.
Raw Rebound
Footage of Eugene being frightened by the mysterious promo. Edge beating Christian despite the promo taking over his Titan-Tron video. And Benoit and Jericho are flat out destroyed by Batista. The Raw Rebound logo is replaced by a black scorpion shadow.
Sean O'Haire def John Bradshaw Layfield via Pinfall (Widowmaker)
Match Breakdown.
Paul London def Akio via Pinfall (London Calling)
Match Breakdown.
NITRO Nugget:
The first appearance of the bird promo, and RVD beating Rene Dupree. Matches for the PPV are detailed including the fatal four way for the Television Title. The Nitro Nugget logo is replaced with a red T.
Booker T def Rikishi via Pinfall (Axe Kick) to retain the WWE Championship
Match Breakdown.
¹ The Samurai Suplex is a slingshot reverse suplex where the victim is slingshotted off the ropes into a face first front suplex.