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Smack Down! 6-24-04
Recap of Vince's Announcement at Bad Blood along with the announcement of the new GM, Tommy Dreamer.

Opening Montage (Now featuring the WCW logo)

YOUR Hosts: Michael Cole and Tazz.
The Dudley Boyz def The FBI via Pinfall (3D to Stamboli) to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
Match Breakdown.
The Hurricane def Tajiri via Pinfall (Eye of the Hurricane)
Match Breakdown.
Raw Rebound
Recap of last RAW.
Mordecai def Rikishi via Pinfall (Crucifixion)
Match Breakdown.
Sakoda def Paul London via Pinfall (Sonny Siaki Interference)
Match Breakdown.
Nitro Nugget:
Recap of past week's Nitro.
Charlie Haas def Sean O'Haire via DQ (Big Show Interference)
Match Breakdown.
Booker T def The Big show via Pinfall (Axe Kick) to retain the WWE Championship
Match Breakdown And Post Match Beatdown by Jeff Jarrett