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ECW NITRO 6-26-04
Recap of the TNA Invasion to date from Raw, Smackdown, and Nitro.

Opening Montage

YOUR hosts: 'Coach' Jonathan Coachman, 'The Snowman' Al Snow, and Bill DeMott
Rundown of matches for show
Mark Jindrak & Chuck Palumbo def America's Most Wanted via Pinfall (Mark of Excellence to James Storm)
Match Breakdown.
Alexis Laree def Trinity via Pinfall (move to be named ¹)
Match Breakdown.
Smackdown Low Down
Recap of Smackdown form this week.
Abyss def Rene Dupree via Pinfall (Black Hole Slam)
Match Breakdown.
Kurt Angle def Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall (Angle Slam)
Match Breakdown
Raw Rebound
Recap of past week on RAw.
Low-Ki def Rey Mysterio via Pinfall (Ki-Krusher 2K4 ²)
Match Breakdown
"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels def Rob Van Dam via Pinfall (Last Rites ³)
Match Breakdown.
¹ Alexis Laree's finisher description
² The Ki-Krusher 2K4 is a modified DVD into a Neckbreaker.
³ The Last Rites is a modified Shooting Star Press.