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WWE Raw 6-28-04
Recap of the TNA INVASION to date from Nitro and Smackdown.

Opening Montage

YOUR Hosts: Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler
JR and The King look at what has happened during the TNA Invasion, and show that the TNA Champion, A J Styles, will face the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit, tonight in a non-title challenge match.
La Resistance def Rosey & Orlando Jordan via Pinfall (French Crepe to OJ) to retain the World Tag Team Championship
Match Breakdown.
Eugene def Ric Flair via Pinfall (Palsy-Plex)
Match Breakdown.
Tyson Tomko def Edge via Pinfall (Baine Bomb)
Match Breakdown.
Nitro Nugget:
Recap of past week's Nitro.
Raven def Christian via Pinfall (Raven Effect)
Match Breakdown.
Trinity def Molly Holly via Pinfall (move to be named ¹)
Match Breakdown.
WCW Smackdown Low Down
Recap of Smackdown, with look at featured match for this weeks show.
Shawn Michaels def Kevin Northcutt via Pinfall (Sweet Chin Music)
Match Breakdown.
A J Styles & Chris Benoit fight to a draw (20 minute time limit expires)
Match Breakdown.
¹Trinity's Finisher.