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ECW NITRO 6-5-04
Recap of Rob Van Dam's ECW Championship win from last week.

Opening Montage

YOUR hosts: 'Coach' Jonathan Coachman, 'The Snowman' Al Snow, and Bill DeMott
Paul Heyman comes on the Nitro-Tron and announces that he has put Rey Mysterio in a match with Steven Richards tonight with the winner to face tonight's winner in the Television Championship match. But first he has a special surprise for the cheating father and son duo. Because they have a match now, and their opponents will be in the ring waiting for them.
Torrie Wilson & Abyss def Los Chavos (Chavo Guerrero & Chavo Classic) via Pinfall (Torrie pins Chavo, Black Hole Slam by Abyss)
The lights go up on the ring and Torrie Wilson is standing there with Abyss in tow. She takes the microphone from the ring announcer and tells the audience that tonight it will be her and Abyss facing Los Chavos, Chavo Guerrero and Chavo Classic. Los Chavos come down to the ring and formulate a plan to get Torrie in the ring so as to make the match quick and easy. Torrie obliges by staying in the ring to start the match, and she quickly takes Chavo down with a series of armdrags. Chavo gets frustrated and Classic calls for a tag to show his son how it is done. Classic comes in and gets a series of armdrag takedowns for doing so. Torrie tags in the monster Abyss and lets him go to work. Abyss overpowers Classic sith a giant sized powerbomb that actually leaves Classic out right in front of Chavito. Chavo tags himself in while Abyss poses for the crowd and goes after him. Abyss turns around and looks at Chavo as though he was just slapped by a fly swatter. He levels Chavito with a clothesline and puts Chavo up for the Black Hole Slam. Torrie frantically wants the tag. Abyss tags Torrie in and scores the pinfall on Chavo.
Shelton Benjamin def Scott Steiner via Pinfall (Money Mint¹)
Steiner comes out and says that when he wins tonight he will be the number one contender for Rob Van Dam's ECW Championship. Because he beat the number one guy, he becomes the number one guy. As he continues to rant about how he will win, Shelton Benjamin comes out to new music. Puff Daddy's "It's All About The Benjamins!" Steiner wastes no time in attacking Shelton as he gets into the ring. Shelton manages to fight back out of a suplex attempt and hits one of his own. Steiner catches Shelton unprepared and lands a Gargoyle Suplex. Shelton rolls to the outside from the impact. Steiner wastes no time in following up by ramming Shelton into the side of the ring repeatedly. He tosses Shelton through the middle rope to put him back in. Back inside Scott goes to work on the back with a camel clutch. Shelton refuses to tap out though and manages to make it to his knees. Steiner stomps him back down and goes right back to the Camel Clutch. Shelton back up, and Steiner stomps him down again. Shelton digs deep and brings himself up onto his knees one more time and as Steiner goes for the straddle attack, Shelton flips over and catches Steiner right in the nether regions. Steiner is down, and the ref is checking on him. Steiner shouts to the ref to disqualify Shelton, but the ref won't do it, as he clearly saw that Shelton's knees hit the side of Steiner's knees, and not his privates. Shelton is the first to his feet and he catches Steiner, whips him off the ropes into a powerslam for a two count. Steiner is angry and goes for a clothesline, which Shelton ducks. Then out of nowhere Shelton hits the Money Mint for the pinfall.
Smackdown Low Down
Nova and the FBI retain their respective titles, and Eddie Guerrero outsmarts The Big Show to start his journey back up to the WWE Championship. Mordecai claims another victim on his crusade, and Charlie Haas encounters Rico for the first time. The Low Down ends with the same black and white bird image from Smackdown, complete with the warning - He's Coming.
Gail Kim & Nidia def Alexis Laree & Lita via Pinfall (Sai-Yan Stunner to Alexis)
Lita starts out in the ring with Gail and they fight until Gail dumps Lita. Lita back in makes the tag to Alexis who is itching to get her hands on Gail for some reason. Nidia wants in, but Gail knocks her off the apron. As Nidia is looking to get back at Gail, Lita steps in and takes Nidia over the top rope, the two then brawl to the back. Meanwhile in the ring, Gail takes Alexis down with a swinging neckbreaker. Alexis gets up slowly and Gail whips her into the corner. Gail goes up and gets the Sai-Yan Stunner to gain the pinfall.

As she is celebrating, the black and white bird image from Smackdown appears on the Nitro-Tron. This time it has the intro from Metallica's "St. Anger" playing in the background. A flaming sword cuts the bird in half, and as it finishes, the bird explodes into a thousand smaller ones that fly around the screen. In the center of the screen a new message appears - He's Coming. And he's not alone.

Rey Mysterio wishes Matt good luck tonight with his match. Especially seeing as they have the chance to face each other next week should they both win. Matt tells him that he doesn't need luck. Suddenly out of nowhere, Rene Dupree attacks Rey Mysterio. Steven Richards joins in the brawl. Both men are beating on Rey until RVD shows up and begins to methodically dismantle Dupree and Richards with his arsenal of kicks. Paul Heyman sees what is going on in his office and calls for RVD and Rey to be brought to him.
Lance Storm def Matt Hardy v1 via Pinfall (The Perfect Storm ²) to win the ECW Television Championship
Lance Storm comes out and puts on a clinic in chain wrestling showing Matt that he really wants the Television Title. Matt is not impressed and challenges Storm to a test of strength. Storm takes the advantage, and just as he is really getting a firm grip to hold Hardy still and keep him locked, Matt kicks him in the stomach. Storm attempts to get the Perfect Storm, but Hardy continues the roll though and gets a two count before Storm is able to get his hand on the bottom rope. Matt gets a little cocky and goes to whip Lance Storm off the ropes, But Lance storm reverses it and rolls through to apply The Perfect Storm, and Matt Hardy is stuck in the center of the ring with nowhere to go. Matt refuses to tap out and eventually passes out, with just 30 seconds to go before the match is declared a draw. Lance Storm wins.

In Heyman's office, RVD and Rey Mysterio wait to see what Heyman wants. RVD asks REy if he's okay after the attack from earlier. Rey says that he is, but is still holding his hand. Looks like he might not be able to compete tonight. Meanwhile, Rene Dupree and Steven Richards are back by a loading dock and Richards is thanking Dupree for taking Mysterio out earlier. It basically gives him a clear shot for the title. Dupree tells Richards that Steven owes him one now. And he'll want to collect soon enough.
Raw Rebound
Triple H gaining a match at Bad Blood for the World Heavyweight Championship is shown. This coming Monday:Trish v Molly, and Edge v Christian. Both will be title matches. Hirohito will finally arrive, and more!
The Undertaker def A-Train via Pinfall (Tombstone)
A-Train starts out with a series of chops to Taker. But it doesn't even make the Dead Man flinch in the least bit. Train tries to throw Taker into the ropes, reversed and Taker hits a big boot. Train gets right back up and goes toe to toe with Taker, whips Taker off the ropes and Taker comes back with the flip-over clothesline. Train bails and Taker follows. A-Train bounces Taker's head off the STEEEEL stairs. Taker is down on the floor. A-Train goes back in and the ref starts to count. Train plays to the crowd ont he other side of the ring while the ref reaches six. At seven Taker sits up. by what would be nine, he is back in the ring. When A-Train hears that the ref has stopped counting he turns around and walks right into a choke slam. Taker picks the fallen A-Train back up and hoists him into the air. Tombstone and that's all she wrote as it gets the 1-2-3 for the Undertaker.

Meanwhile, in the back Paul Heyman leaves his office and RVD and Mysterio both walk out with a big grin on their faces. Heyman goes down to the locker rooms and calls for Dupree and Steven Richards to come down to his office immediately. Al Snow takes the break in the action to remind us that Nitro will have their next Pay Per View, King of the Ring next month, and tickets go on sale next week. Coach wonders who all will be involved in the tournament naming everyone from Rey Mysterio to Rene Dupree. Cut back to Heyman's office where he tells Rene Dupree and Steven Richards that because of their collusion to hurt Rey Mysterio, they will both face him tonight. Both Richards and Dupree start to smile until Heyman tells them it will be a tag team match, and Rey's partner will be none other than the ECW Champion Rob Van Dam!
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio def Steven Richards & Rene Dupree via Pinfall (RVD pins Richards, Five Star Frog Splash)
RVD and Rey Mysterio are waiting in the ring for Dupree and Richards to come out. They finally do, and tthey take off at a dead run to the ring. Richards goes after Rey and Dupree pairs off with Van Dam. After a couple of moments, Rey dumps Steven Richards and goes to help out Rob. Together they dump Dupree to the outside. Rey does a flip over the top rope onto Dupree and Richards comes in and knocks Van Dam down from behind. The ref finally gets both Dupree and Mysterio in their corners and the match officially begins. Steven Richards is owning RVD with kicks and punches all aimed to wear Van Dam down. Rob fights back, only to have Stevie take him down with a snap suplex. Tag to Dupree who comes in and tosses RVD off the ropes into a MAIN EVENT SPINEBUSTER. And it is time for the French Tickler Dance! Dupree drops an elbow right across the bridge of RVD's nose. RVD is bleeding now, but is able to get a step over kick on Dupree. Hot tag to Rey and he cleans house. Dropkick to Dupree and then a rana over the top rope for Richards. Dupree goes after Rey, but walks into a drop toe hold. Rey goes for the 619, but Richards catches him from the outside. Stevie slams him into the pole and rolls him back in. Back up on the apron, Stevie calls for Dupree to tag him in, and Dupree does. Stevie attempts a powerbomb, but Rey turns it into a Sunset Flip, and gets a two count. Drop toe hold sets up the 619 for Rey on Stevie. RVD tags in and comes off the top rope with the Five Star Frog Splash. As he goes for the cover Rey hits a beautiful dropkick on Dupree. The ref counts the pin on Dupree giving RVD and Rey the win. Show closes with the mysterious bird image on the screen.
¹ The Money Mint is a T-Bone Powerslam

² The Perfect Storm is a roll through into a half Boston Crab.