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ECW NITRO 7-17-04
Recap Previous Editions

Opening Montage

YOUR hosts: 'Coach' Jonathan Coachman, 'The Snowman' Al Snow, and Bill DeMott
Rundown of matches for show
Rene Dupree def Maven via Pinfall (French Crepe Drop)
Match Breakdown.
Natural Born Thrillaz (Palumbo & Jindrak) def The Hardy Boyz v2.0.1 via Pinfall (Jindrak pins Jeff, Palumbo Jungle Kick)
Match Breakdown.
Recap of NWA/TNA Thunder with look ahead to next show's featured match.
Dawn Marie def Goldylocks via Pinfall (Heel Tactics Roll Up)
Match Breakdown.
Abyss def Rhyno via Pinfall (Rack Breaker ¹) to advance to the King of the Ring Finals
Match Breakdown
WWE-WCW Outsider's Edge
Recap of past week in WWE and WCW.
Steven Richards def Michael Shane via Pinfall (Stevie T) to win the ECW-TNA Television Championship
Match Breakdown
Shelton Benjamin def Kevin Northcutt via Submission (Money Clip ²)
Match Breakdown.
Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio def Lance Storm & Sonjay Dutt via Pinfall (Rob pins Sonjay, Rey 619, Rob Five Star Frog Splash)
Match Breakdown.
¹ The Rack Breaker is a sitout Torture Rack/Backbreaker.
² The Money Clip is a chicken wing/back stretch combo.