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WWE Raw 7-26-04
Recap of previous editions video

Opening Montage

YOUR Hosts: Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler
Rundown of the matches for show. Discussion of main event and what it leads to.
Johnny Nitro def Eugene via DQ (Steel Chair Fun)
Match Breakdown.
Trinity def Molly Holly, Lita, Victoria, & Traci via Pinfall (Trinity pins Traci, unnamed move)
Match Breakdown.
Evolution (Batista/Flair variant) def Mark Henry & Rodney Mack via Pinfall (Batista pins Henry, DAVE Bomb)
Match Breakdown.
ECW-NWA/TNA Insider's Edge
Recap of past week in ECW and NWA/TNA.
Trish Stratus def Jazz via Pinfall to retain the Women's Championship
Match Breakdown.
Y2J def Edge via Pinfall (Breakdown) to advance in the WWE-WCW Invitational Tournament
Match Breakdown.
WCW Smackdown Low Down
Recap of Smackdown, with look at featured match for this weeks show.
Randy Orton def Rico via Pinfall (RKO) to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Match Breakdown.
Baine def Goldberg via Pinfall (Baine Bomb)
Match Breakdown.
¹, ², ³Used to describe new moves that the reader may not have seen yet.