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TNA Thunder 7-28-04
Recap Previous Editions

Opening Montage

YOUR hosts: Tony Shiavone, 'The Professor' Mike Tenay, & 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash
Rundown of matches for show
"Damaja" Danny Basham w/"The Machine" Doug Basham def Sinn w/Slash via Pinfall (Ball & Gag)
Match Breakdown.
Jerry Lynn def "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels via Pinfall (Cradle Piledriver) to retain the TNA X Championship
Match Breakdown.
ECW Nitro Nugget
Recap of ECW Nitro with look ahead to next show's featured match.
The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) & The Dudley Boyz fight to a No Contest
Match Breakdown.
The Amazing Red def Michael Shane via Pinfall (Code Red) to win the ECW-TNA Television Championship
Match Breakdown
Slash w/Sinn def "The Machine" Doug Basham w/"Damaja" Danny Basham via Pinfall (Bloodletter ¹)
Match Breakdown
WWE-WCW Outsider's Edge
Recap of past week in WWE and WCW.
A J Styles def Shane Douglas via Pinfall (Botched Jarrett-ference)
Match Breakdown.
America's Most Wanted def The Hardy Boyz v2.0.1 via Pinfall (Storm pins Jeff, Storm Front)
Match Breakdown.
¹ The Bloodletter is a modified inverted DDT.