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ECW Great American Bash 2004
WWE Opening Tag Montage - WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment

Opening video recaps the first month of ECW Nitro.

Your Hosts: The Coach Jonathan Coachman, Snowman Al Snow, & Bill DeMott.

Coach welcomes us and reminds us that both the Television and ECW Championships will be on the line tonight.
Quick rundown of the card:
The Dudley Boyz v Test & Scott Steiner
Lance STorm v Rey Mysterio v Steven Richards v Matt Hardy v1 for the ECW Television Championship
Kurt Angle v The Undertaker
Chuck Palumbo v Christopher Nowinski
Chavo Guerrero v Abyss
Mark Jindrak v Shelton Benjamin
Rene Dupree v Rob Van Dam for the ECW Championship
Shelton Benjamin def Mark Jindrak via Pinfall (Money Maker)
Match Breakdown
Chuck Palumbo def Christopher Nowinski via Pinfall (Jungle Kick)
Match Breakdown
Test & Scott Steiner def The Dudley Boyz via Pinfall (Test Drive to Bubba)
Match Breakdown
Abyss def Chavo Guerrero via Pinfall (Black Hole Slam)
Match Breakdown
Steven Richards def Rey Mysterio, Lance Storm, & Matt Hardy v1 via Pinfall (Stevie T to Rey) to win the ECW Television Championship
Match Breakdown
Kurt Angle def The Undertaker via Pinfall (Angle Slam)
Match Breakdown
Rob Van Dam def Rene Dupree via Pinfall (Five Star Frog Splash) to retain the ECW Championship
Match Breakdown